Our Purpose:
Encore! is the Volunteer Council for the Quincy Symphony Orchestra Association. However, supporting this group is only one of our purposes. Our major focus is on youth and encouraging young people to develop their musical talents. Our hope is these young people will be future members of their local orchestra, park band, chorus, and other music related organizations.

We try to inspire young people in the tri-state area to be involved with music and encourage them to grow as musicians by providing summer music camp scholarships, paying stipends for high school students to play with the Quincy Symphony Orchestra, providing funds for family concerts and the annual Young Peoples Concert offered to students in grades 3 through 6 in many of our private, public and parochial schools locally and in the surrounding area. Encore! also directly supports the Quincy Area Youth Orchestra, the Quincy Area Youth Chorus, and Kinderchor. Each year, we try to donate money to the Quincy Public and Parochial schools to help underwrite their music programs.

1. Pay dues of $20 per year at the first meeting in September. *(Not applicable if joining Jan – May)
2. Purchase one season ticket to the Symphony Orchestra *
3. Attend eight meetings per year at John Wood Community College.
- Meetings held the third Tuesday of the month at 9:30 AM in JWCC Dining Room, 48th St, Quincy
- No meetings held June, July, August or December.
- The May “meeting” is our annual luncheon
4. Be a member of a standing Committee
5. Work the ticket desk at one concert per year.
6. Be a member of a Symphony of Trees committee in a festival year or participate in the alternative fundraiser if SOT is not held.

Encouraged to:
- Attend Symphony concerts
- Promote music education and appreciation whenever possible
- Become involved and make new friends with Encore! members
- Donate to the Endowment fund

- Three years – although most members choose to remain in Encore!
- After 8 years, eligible to become a Sustaining member
- After 15 years, attain Member of Distinction status

Encore !
Encore Meeting

Join us as we support the Quincy Symphony Orchestra Association, with a focus on youth music education and appreciation in the tri-state area. ​​​

We meet monthly from 9:30AM - 11:00AM September through April in the JWCC College Dining Room - ​3rd Tuesday of the month.